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Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)


Q :Who do I to contact if information that I search is not in the website?

A : Please contact Madam Emma Melati Burhanuddin, the Senior Executive of the faculty.


Q :What is FKASA?

A : FKASA stands for Fakulti Kejuteraan Awam & Sumber Alam in Malay language. In english, it is Faculty of Civil Engineering & Earth Resources.


Q : Where is the office of FKASA?

A : The office is located in Canselori Building on the 2nd Floor. Office hours is 8:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.


Q : Can I  enroll into civil engineering program?

A : Yes, if you fulfill the entry requirement. We have two (2) program which are degree and diploma.


Q : What language is used for lecture?

A : English. Its the official language for teaching and learning in UMP.

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